The Prototyping Box

Our Prototyping Box is out! It is our third product in the "Ideas For Games” series. The Box is a great tool and source of inspration for game designers and others.

The Prototyping Box comes as a basic set of analog material to test your ideas on paper before you even start a grey-box prototype and coding. The Box is also a useful source for board game designers.

It works really well with the two card decks that we developed earlier, since they serve as handy brainstorming tools for game designers. It is not a bad idea to check them out in conjunction with this box. Together the three products make up a strong and comprehensive toolbox for game designers and developers.

Why shouldn’t you test your ideas first on paper? "Paper Prototyping” is a great way of testing gameplay ideas and find out if they do or do not work. You can also test game progress, level design or storyline. And you get some basic game experience. Or you can test individual actions and events or work out what scenarios suit your game best. Board game designers have always done mockups to test and convey their ideas and concepts. But this method is equally important for video game developers.

The Prototype Box is layed out for two different prototype levels:

• An Idea Testing Prototype

• A Conceptual Prototype

You can buy the Protoyping Box for EUR 39.90 or CHF 39.90 (shipping not included).

Order per e-mail: Send us a message and your real world address. We will send you the product or an offer with the price (incl. shipping) and payment information as fast as possible.

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