Games and Rules Book

Our book GAMES AND RULES – GAME MECHANICS FOR THE "MAGIC CIRCLE" will be available soon. The book shows the discourse on GAME MECHANICS from our international conference on "GameZ & RuleZ". The book was edited by Beat Suter, Mela Kocher and René Bauer and collects the results of the conference presentations from 2015, 16 and 17 at the GameZfestival Zurich. The anthology contains individual essays by experts and authors with backgrounds in Game Design and Game Studies, among them Miguel Sicart and Carlo Fabricatore. Its focus is to get to the bottom of game mechanics in video games and the real world.

What is it about? The dominating question of the book is: Why do we play games and why do we play them on computers? The contributors of "Games and Rules" take a closer look at the core of each game and the motivational system that is the game mechanics. Games are control circuits that organize the game world with their (joint) players and establish motivations in a dedicated space, a "Magic Circle", whereas game mechanics are constructs of rules designed for interactions that provide gameplay. Those rules form the base for all the excitement and frustration we experience in games.

The book is going to be published by transcript Verlag and will contain 322 pages of essays from 16 experts. It is written in English for an international audience. It will be availabe as printed book from October 10/27, 2018. The price is EURO 39,90. ISBN: 978-3-8376-4304-6. Sometime later, the book will also be available as ebook.

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